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Areas of Special Interest

All acupuncturists receive training in the full range of general medicine (excepting bone-setting and chiropractic adjustment); some specialize further, and become geriatric-care specialists, or fertility specialists, or cancer-care specialists, and so on.

Herbal medicine is a key aspect of my medical practice. I find the use of herbal medicine enables me to bring a depth and remarkable capacity for fine-tuning to my practice. In addition, I have a passion for plants and nature, and I am fascinated and humbled to be able to use products from the natural world, the way it has been done from time immemorial, to bring health and balance to my patients. Please see my pages on Herbal Medicine for a more detailed introduction to the way herbal medicines are used to treat patients' concerns.

While in acupuncture school, I was certainly considered a bit of an oddity at the acupuncture college for having more than 15 years of university training before even beginning my acupuncture and herbal training. While not all of my areas of previous study had a direct relation to my medical training, my educational background has enabled me to develop a depth and precision of diagnostic skills that many did not consider worth pursuing. My educational background has also trained me to retain information well, and to keep a great deal of detail at my ‘mental fingertips,’ so to speak, which helps me to fine-tune my treatments to a high degree.

These skills and abilities have given me a passion for working with difficult and complicated concerns, and I have developed areas of special interest which call upon all these tools. My particular areas of specialty are: Chinese Medical Psychiatry, care of patients living with HIV-AIDS, highest quality 'maintenance and repair' of the Elite Athlete, and working with patients with Multiple or Complex Disorders. Please refer to each of the pages about these areas of interest (these pages are more detailed than the average page on this website; though I am sure some readers will doubtless find this a bit dry, I have found that those dealing with these more 'challenging' disorders tend to appreciate the greater detail).

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