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Fee Structures

As of early Spring, 2009, my fees are based on an $80/hr rate. I do not 'watch the clock,' however, unless required to do so for the sake of the patient's or my schedule, and charge a flat fee for the appointment. Typically, an appointment is scheduled for a one-hour block, yet may take more or less time. First-time appointments are generally scheduled as 90-minute visits.

When we undertake to work together, I will suggest a treatment plan. This may include more frequent visits than once-weekly (see the Medicine page for more details); these are charged at a significantly reduced rate. Likewise, if we decide to undertake an extended course of treatment, all pre-paid visits are discounted.

I also offer a significant discount to students, and to Athletes (and others who require their bodies to be at their beck and call, such as dancers and professional musicians). I also offer a sliding-scale option.

Herbal medicine is structured somewhat differently; since I must maintain an inventory, I am not able to offer discounts on herbal products. However, I sell my products at cost, at significantly lower than most other suppliers.

By contrast, in most herbal pharmacies, the herbs are priced at considerably higher than the cost of stocking them, in order to compensate the herbalist for his or her time and training. In many circumstances, this results in a fair cost to the patient, and a fair compensation to the herbalist. However, when the formula is simply a refill, the fee is unnecessarily inflated. Thus, I sell my herbal formulas at cost, and add a consultation fee where appropriate.

A typical formula will run about $20-$25/week (certain herbs are more expensive, such as Ginseng, and if higher cost herbs are included in the formula, the total cost will reflect that – where such herbs are required, however, their inclusion makes a significant difference in the effects of the formula).

Fees are based on an rate of $80 per hour, which is the fee for the standard one-hour appointment.
First-time appointments are scheduled for 90 minutes, at a fee of $120.
Herbal consultations, without other treatment, are $45.

Herbal consultations, with acupuncture, include an additional $25 fee.

Combinations of acupuncture and physical medicine (e.g. cupping, or massage)
will include an additional $20 fee, when these treatments extend
beyond the usual appointment time-frame.

These fee arrangements are merely general guidelines; more often than not first-time appointments are charged the simple one-hour base rate, there is no additional fee for herbs with acupuncture, and so on, except where these require considerably more time than the usual.

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